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Thank you for visiting the Institute of Mind Sciences! Our next open enrollment for new students in our Fall 2017 certification programs will begin soon.  

Although you can not currently enroll or buy products, feel free to read the articles and learn from this site in the meantime.

Coach Kimberly has opened training to build a revolutionary online business at! See you there!


NLP Program

NLP, which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a dynamic system that is all about subjective (personal, internal) experience.  Learn how thoughts, ideas, and beliefs are formed and how they deeply impact our encounters in life.  As a practitioner, you will have the tools to help other people change their limiting beliefs into profound success!

Hypnotherapy Training

Hypnosis Program

Hypnosis is a misunderstood but powerful tool of the mind.  As a clinical hypnotherapist you will have the ability to lead people into their own minds to change behavior, gain insight and alter their entire lives.  In Colorado, Hypnotherapists register with the state as Psychotherapists and you will prepare for the state test as part of our curriculum.

Coach Training

Coaching Program

Coaching is recognized as one of the fastest growing and lucrative careers today.  Create the lifestyle, income, and schedule you dream about while contributing personally to people’s happiness and success.  Coaching is about helping others find their internal resources; getting them focused on possibilities, the future, and taking action.  It is a limitless field.

learning model

Simple and Easy

Your course is accessed online and set up in easy to follow modules.  You have webinars to watch that teach the content, PDF’s that support the information, and quizzes to take.  It is all available 24 hours/7 days a week and you can go at your own pace.

We Think Learning Should Be Fun!

At Institute of Mind Sciences, our courses are designed to be interactive and fun.  You learn in the “Library” section (where your course information and resources will be found).  This is where you do the work.  You go to the “Playground” for games, brain teasers, and some fun.  When you are feeling social, visit the “Cafe” where you can talk to classmates or ask questions.  Finally, go to the “Torture Chamber” and take your tests.  Bounce around. Have fun.

Mentored Internship

We believe that you learn best with hands on experience. I want you to succeed and I will be your partner.  To help you integrate your skills, you will complete an online internship with me in the 8th module (the last before you get certified).  You will gain confidence in your skills and the support you need professionally.  No other program has anything like this!

Kim no background

My Promise To You

My desire is for you to succeed. Not only in your certification program, I want you to take what you learn and manifest a transformational business in the real world.

This is my passion.  I will support you, offer encouragement, answer questions, mentor you and help you reach your goal.  That is my commitment to you. If you need to reach me email IMS and I will get back to you by the next business day. Weekends are for my kids ; )

If You Are In Colorado

Students have the option of live practice groups and on-site internships seeing actual clients at VAST Wellness Center in Aurora, Colorado.  There is no other certification program with such amazing hands-on supervised training like we offer you. See the Internship info and office pictures here.

New Career

IMS Has 12 Different Specializations

Here is a big secret to success:  Specialize.  Many new counselors and coaches have amazing skills, start a business, and then get clients for all different issues.  Thinking that is the best way to earn money (the more the merrier, right?), they try to take all these different clients but end up being too stressed out and confused to go anywhere.

At the Institute of Mind Sciences, we teach you the value of specialization and offer you amazing certifications with done-for-you session outlines so you can immediately enjoy success.

Just choose what you feel passionate about.  Each of our certification programs comes with core training, session plans, client handouts and educational materials, and a marketing plan.  They are ready to use Businesses-In-A-Box!

Become an Expert in Transformational Change Techniques!

Fully Integrated Online Certification Programs

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master, Life/Business Coach

8 Modules each: 3 Core Courses, Psychology/Coaching Skills, Business Skills, Ethics and the Law, Marketing, Internship


Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Great Counselor or Coach? Join us Now!

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